Monday, April 09, 2007


Mobil1, originally uploaded by habspuck.

We found this Mobilgas pump at the curb on a residential street in Concord, NH. Did the residents of the home behind the pump sell fuel in the past? Was it farm pump? Will we ever find out?

I love how there is still so much history in NH, both old and recent history. I am glad to see people don't just rip things down because they don't apply anymore.

This is a great example! If anyone knows any information on this pump, please let us know.


Joe Reid / Fianna / Flickr said...

Grand image and commentary. Do you work in the field of phottography on a full time basis?

Your technical skills are most impressive.

Have you posted more images to Flickr than any other member?

I have ben with Flickr for almost two years. It's growth has been amusing to watch.

I remember back when eBay was just starting out and "lucky" Pierre Omidyar had never heard of Meg Whitman. Skippy was their IT Department.

And then there was "YOU TUBE" !!!

Tracy Lee said...

Hello Joe!

Most of the photos in th blog are not mine, but all are from members of the New Hampshire Group on Flickr that I am the founder and administrator of. I use this blog to highlight the many talented photographers in our fine state. There are also installations every Tuesday by one of our Moderators, Tim Somero and poems from Michael Dailey.

As for how many photos I have on Flickr, I know I don't have the most, but I do know I have quite a bit. (There are many more I don't post, if you can believe that!)

I have been on Flickr since October 2004 and I can certainly appreciate what you are saying about the growth. I have been a member of AOL since back in '92 where I held three different remote staff positions within 4 months of being online (the current criteria back then was you had to be online for 6 months. I like to push limits.) The growth of Flickr has been reminiscent of the growth pattern AOL went through.

Thank you for visiting and your kind thoughts. i am glad you have enjoyed your visit. Please come back often.

Tracy Lee