Wednesday, October 04, 2006

NH Waterfalls Project

Here's a great link for more information on waterfalls in New Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL photos! Thank you for sharing such beauty.


Pete Langlois said...

Great slide show.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning photos!
For me it would be helpful if everyone would post the name of the waterfall ... so that others of us could get to that same location. I'm an artist who works en plein aire and would love to get to some of those spots!

Tracy Lee said...

Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment. I would have liked to reply to you directly, but you left me with no means to do so. I will reply here and hope you check back to get it.

These photos were taken by a number of members of the New Hampshire Flickr Group and are a collection of these photographer's photos for the project. All of these photos are on the Flickr site and in the NH Group's photo pool.

If you click on a photo that you like, you will be presented with a link to open the photo up on the Flickr site. If you click that link, you will go to the photo's page which will most likely be tagged with where the falls are or it may be in the title or description. If it is in none of these, you can always leave a post asking the photographer or Flickrmail them directly.

Any further questions, please let me know. I will be happy to help.

Anonymous said...

Great gallery. I have made a Google map showing the GPS location and breif description of waterfalls in New Hampshires White Mountains. Might be useful for others to use.
[url=,-71.603394&spn=2.406177,5.800781&z=8]Google Map[/url]

Tracy Lee said...

Terrific Map!

Here is a clickable link to this great map.

Thank you!

Tracy Lee