Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring Showers?

Spring Showers?, originally uploaded by StarrGazr.

And now we break from our beautiful flow of Caribbean photos to bring you back to the reality that is New England.

Well this was a fine wake up call today! So much for Spring. The real problem is that we lost many tops of trees and branches to trees with the ice storm back in January, this rain/slush/snow is also extremely heavy and we have lost many more.

I guess this means no Easter Egg hunt in the backyard this year. Even if it were all to melt today, everything would be so saturated and soggy.

On another note, my 20D has been shipped back from repairs!! YAY!!!

I miss my camera SO much!

Spring snow dumps on upper Northeast

Today was supposed to be the stadium opener for the Manchester Fischer Cats, it was snowed out. NH Baseball Team Asks Fans To Shovel Stadium

Schools were closed.

Trees were down.

Power is still out.

Thousands Without Power After Spring Snow

NH Outages May Last Until Weekend

One life was lost.

Spring snowstorm kills Dracut man in NH

NH Powerless Against Heavy Snow

What a day. At least it ended with sunshine and much melting.

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