Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dude, where's my bridge?

Dude, where's my bridge?, originally uploaded by zantimisfit.

When the beaver pond washed out, it took the bridge at the end of my road with it.

Mother Nature ravaged New Hampshire with another massive nor'easter which took its toll on many roads in the area.

Numerous roads were washed away or damaged and citizens and town and state officials scrambled to assess the damage, begin repairs, and keep communication open for people to travel safely.

Starting with the 8-day October rain in 2005, it seems that every six months a huge storm hits us. People immediately began comparing our current nor'easter to the Mother's Day flood of last year.

Let's hope that everyone is safe.

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Tim Somero said...

Good edit, Tracy! I like the link to the Mother's Day Flood 2006 group.