Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Vanity of New Hampshire

Vanity, originally uploaded by BRP, Inc.

Compared to other states, people in New Hampshire seem to have a higher number of vanity plates on their vehicle. For a $33.00 fee, a NH resident can get an initial vanity plate for their vehicle. For some, this is good value for the dollar.

The state also issues license plates consecutively so the plate number indicates when the plates were issued. Since the plate stays with the person, not the vehicle, the number indicates when someone moved here or bought an additional vehicle.

In a mark of New Hampshire individualism, some vehicle owners proudly drive around with plates that have five numbers or less.

So whether the New Hampshire plate includes a quirky number or a message on a vanity plate, keep an eye out for license plates to ponder on cars that are driving around our fine state.

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Tracy Lee said...

Ha!! GREAT post! I think the statistic, last I heard, was something like 18% of NH cars have vanity plate which is the highest percentage in the nation. I have to say I contribute to that statisic (with several cars!)

I don't know what the reasoning is, other than it is cheap (in some people's reasonings :) ) and it is fun.

There has also been a lot of writing on the low numbered plates and how people have actually fought over and willed plates with low numbers in NH, but I had never understood what the low numbers actually meant. Now I do, thanks! There is quite a bit of status attached to having a single or double digit numbered plate.