Sunday, December 03, 2006

In the Last Fog of November

In the Last Fog of November, originally uploaded by Winged Foot.

In The Last Fog of November
Saw straight through into December.
It never occurred to me that I remember
The vibrant orange hues of Autumn's day past.
Crisp crunch of a MacIntosh last.
Or some yawing grin-grin-grin of a Jack-o-Latern cast.

Or of warm days in summer.
Sliced tomato and cucumber.
Of bicycle rides free and unencumbered
Relative blissful unimpeded slumber.

There were hikes in June & July and again.
September's slog up the Valley way.
There were were beach days in October.
Trips home and
Bicycle crashes in November.
Mourning Doves in covey's and then never.

These and so many other things
I now remember as I slog into December.

--Mike D. (Winged Foot) 30 Nov 2006

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