Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bridging Life or This One Isn't Stopping or Waiting

Slate Bridge, originally uploaded by TubaOrNotTuba.

A Keene, New Hampshire family was on the way to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital (home of CHaD, our benefactor) for the birth of the family's fourth child although little baby girl could not wait for the minivan to get there.

Jody Leach helped his wife, Kristen, delivered their new little baby grl, Eliza in their van parked along Interstate 91 in Vermont. Eliza's three older siblings helped as well. The 16 year old video taped the birth while on the phone with 911, relaying instruction to her father. The 6 year old reluctantly surrendered her favourite blanket to wrap her new sister up in.

There were a few moments of tension as the baby took a bit to take her first breath. But, by the time the ambulance arrived, Kristen was already nursing baby Eliza.

Everyone is safe, happy and healthy back at home.

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