Thursday, December 14, 2006

Noble Cairn II

Noble Cairn II, originally uploaded by Winged Foot.

- A Noble Cairn II -

Oh noble Cairn, where from here?
East or West? North or South?
Does this path lead to or fro?
Lead us up or down slope?
Onto Rock or Talus under tread?
Or more foot ballast ahead?

But, Hark! In the distance,
Would that clanging bell or slanging horn be?
In the mirk what do we see?
Through the foggy seas.
Would it be your sisters and brothers,
sitting ahead for me?

You lead us on, and on we go.
Over hill and fill,
Sedge and earth, rock-dust and dirt.
O'vr boulder and shoulder,
and near clover.

Remembering your sense as
we went a-clomping over pure white topping,
Seeing no path, or maybe a graph,
a cipher we could not decipher.
But there you were, giving us advice,
sometimes twice.

Now more than ever, we see you cleary
and deary just as you are.
Our friend, solid, simple and ever present,
in climbs so pleasant.

-- Mike (Winged Foot), 06/24/2006

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