Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Furnace Brook Waterfall, New Ipswich

ID100-08-009, originally uploaded by mike costolo.

20 second exposure. See the other version for a 1 second exposure.

Mike Costolo joined several of us at a recent NH Group Meetup and he brought along his large-format, film camera. The other four of us had camera's hanging off neck straps, but Mike has a shoulder strap for his.

My family calls this waterfall Kangas's Falls because Matti Kangas used to own the land and live close by. But the official name could be quite different.

Regarding meetups, members of the NH Group coordinate photography meetups throughout the year. A meetup can be as small as two people who post the location, time, and directions for a photographic opportunity.

Meetups in the last year have included sunrise locations in Milford, New Ipswich, and Wilton. Sunset meetings have been in Auburn, Portsmouth, and other locations throughout our state.

Keep an eye on the NH Group discussion threads and we hope to see you join us soon!

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