Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Old New Hampshire

Chase Ford, originally uploaded by IntoTheLens.

Blue Ford Truck For Sale - Walpole, New Hampshire

Occasionally, the NH Photo Tour discusses the concept of Old New Hampshire and we discuss whether we could capture and maybe should capture the essence of our state as it slowly and gradually changes.

To understand the transition, a good starting point is to ask what is Old New Hampshire? An old native once described the essence as, 'We all know how to stretch the dollar.' Frugal is a predominant trait of Old New Hampshire.

On a personal note after growing up here, but living in the midwest for most of my 20s, my childhood memories of Old New Hampshire are best captured in half-finished projects, oddly colored houses (the paint was on sale, you know), and scenes like this photo captures so well.

But now projects in my hometown seem to be completed in short order, money is more quickly spent, and someone even shockingly remarked that the town has a Massachusetts feel.

But the Chase Ford in this capture holds true to Old New Hampshire. I'm sure the truck works just fine or at least would with some TLC. So it sits silently with its homemade for sale sign waiting for the right buyer to give in and negotiate a fair value price.

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Tracy Lee said...

Tim, I saw this photo and thought it would be a great one to blog, but it is even better with your commentary. Being a non-native NHite, that would not have occurred to me. However, I do know that you have hit the nail on the head!

(Massachusetts feel?? Say it isn't so!)