Monday, March 26, 2007


Shadows, originally uploaded by 5-points.

Saying good bye for a while

What a strange winter. If you read back in our archive you can see that we were bemoaning the fact that winter was not making an appearance and truth be told, many of us (even those that enjoy winter activities and the beauty of snow) were oddly comfortable with the missing seasonal cold and snow. But then came February and winter decided to make a show like the last debutante to show at the ball. Lulled into the falsehood that we would not have a winter, we got smashed on Valentine's Day with a snowfall that normally we wouldn't blink twice at, but because of our relaxed state, it seemed like quite a storm. Then again, we got a real humdinger of a storm the Friday before St. Patrick's Day (holiday snow?). Luckily my flight to the Bahamas went off without a hitch on Saturday morning (after my husband had to drive 9 hours from Newark on Friday when his flight home was canceled). While away we heard that Spring was making its appearance back home in NH only for us to return on Saturday night right into another snow storm.

Strange days indeed!

Whatever the weather, snow is always pretty and beautiful to photograph. The stark contrasts between the bright snow and the sharp shadows of bare trees is a beautiful mix. Do you think we are done yet?

We'll see...

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