Monday, November 20, 2006

Mt. Washington from Mt. Chocorua

Mt. Washington from Mt. Chocorua, originally uploaded by mineral2.

Mt. Washington from Mt. Chocorua

So, the NH Photo Tour 2007 Calendar Project was laid to bed early this morning. (For those of you not amiliar with the term, laid to bed refers to when the design production portion of a printing project is finished and handed over to the printers.) Which of course, meant that I had no laid myself to bed. Oh well, as the expression goes, I'll sleep when I'm dead. I just feel like walking dead today. Tomorrow is another day. It does feel great knowing that the project is completed and wil be in our hands in time for Thanksgiving!

On another note, who says there isn't a problem with global warming? Sure there are other factors involved, but if you look at the trend in the weather, you can see it is definitely a major player in the fact that NH's skiiers have lost "approximately 60 percent of its downhill ski areas since the 1970s." That is a pretty sobering number. As a person who has just discovered skiing in the past 6 years, I look forward to those great huge dumps of snow (well, truth be told, it wasn't just skiing that makes me love snow, I always have.)

There is a big problem connected with that number though since skiing plays a big part in our state's economy. They say that most of the warming in the past century has occured after 1975 and that over the course of this past century, the average temperature has risen 3.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is claimed that there are other reasons why NH is suffering a loss of ski resorts, but ultimately, who wants to ski when there is no snow? Bottom line. I, for one, am glad that it finally has started to feel like winter is approaching. It felt strange the other day to think about Thanksgiving less than a week away with 70 degree weather.

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