Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Moose on the Kancomangus Hwy

Moose on the Kancomangus Hwy, originally uploaded by cousinvinnyf.

Lucky shot during a bike run throught the White mountains along Rt 112 on the Kancomangus High Way east of Lincoln NH.t was probably about 2 or 3 years old. In my judgement it may have been at least 800 or 900 lbs. They can be as much as 1600 lbs.

This is where moose belong, right? But yesterday there was 900 pound female moose that found its way into downtown Manchester, NH. For the safety of th moose and others, she had to be tranquilized. She was safely returned to the wild.

On another note, I saw the proofs for the NH Photo Tour 2007 calendar today. It looks AWESOME!! If you haven't ordered yours yet, you need to get that order in today or tomorrow to insure yours gets sent out in the first run. They will be picked up on Wednesday from AlphaGraphics in Nashua, NH.

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