Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wink from the past

Wink, originally uploaded by manch496.

I looked in one of the barns and there was this broken down old tractor winking at me

I am big fan of photography that brings to life relics from the past. Steve (aka Manch496) did a great job capturing this aging tractor. I asked Steve a few questions about the story behind this great image and here's what he has to share:

I was on the West side of Manchester running errands and remember there was a farm stand up the hill (so to speak) simply called Clarks Farm, purveyors of vegetables and flowers. I was stunned that the Farm was closed, the greenhouses empty and overgrown, it then became apparent the farm had been closed for at least a couple of years.

From the road one of the green houses captured my eye; I then made up my mind to go back. Anyway, with the place empty I strolled around the property taking photos here and there, I was exploring. The Farm is/was located at 111 Worthy Road, Bedford, NH 03110, bordering West Manchester. When I took that particular shot I first looked at the front of the tractor (Allis- Chalmers) and thought it was winking at me.

I thought this poor old tractor was going to the grave and thought I’d give it life in a different way.

It’s a bit sad; I have memories of going to this farm stand with my Mother as a young boy, and thought there was lots of land and was sure it’d be another sub-division or condo development someday when the recession is over.

I also asked Steve what he loves about NH - as you can read, he shares many of the same loves as most of us who have lived here for as long as we can remember.

I love NH for many reasons…I love NH because it’s the only place I’ve ever lived, that I’m the fourth of five generations to call this home, and am proud of that. I have family scattered all over the southern half of the state friends all over.

I love the architecture, antiques, old abandon barns, windy and hilly roads, fieldstone walls in random places, the mountains, the big lake and the ocean; all in close proximity.

I love the fact that NH people are traditionalists, independent, resilient people. I love the four seasons.

New Hampshire has a little something to offer everyone, the seasons, the regions, the natural wonders, and the wildlife.

But being a civilized human, I also like a vibrant nightlife and cultural events, Manchester is certainly growing up and has a decent offering.

To be honest Jason, I think the better question would be; what I don’t like about NH.

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