Thursday, October 22, 2009

Transitioning between seasons

New Hampshire, originally uploaded by americanadian_8.

Evening sun on the mountain tops. Best viewed large.

Mark Ducharme (aka americanadian_8) was in the right place at the right time to grab this gorgeous shot of snow dusting the top of a foliage-covered mountain. The lighting is perfect and you can almost smell the crispness in the fall air when looking at the photo.

I asked Mark a few questions about the great photo:

1.) Where were you when you took this?
I was on Route 2 heading towards Lancaster, NH.

2.) What were you doing?
I am a Wedding Photographer and was headed to Lancaster for a Wedding Rehearsal that evening.

3.) What were you thinking about when you took the shot?
I was thinking of how great the lighting was and how I wanted to capture it on the mountains. Also I wanted to ensure it was going to be a good composition and a clear shot!

4.) What do you love about New Hampshire?
I enjoy NH for many reasons. One being the scenery where I live in every direction. I enjoy the seasons and the State motto!

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