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Surfing New Hampshire!

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Rye NH


Inventory and Perception of Status

The state has a public access map that includes beach access points, but it is not specific to surfing.

New Hampshire has at least twenty-six well known surf spots.12 The breaks are a mix of reefs, point breaks and beach breaks.

The areas are generally in good condition, but there are localized threats due to water quality, structures, and erosion. Dirty marsh water infiltrates the break at Septics. Lack of parking or very limited parking is a problem at several locations, including The Point, Indicators, Ahoo, Foxhill Point, Linky's and Rye Beach (summer). "The Wall" is perhaps NH's most popular surf spot. Surfing is restricted or prohibited in the summer at Main Beach (Hampton Beach).

Recognition by State

Surfing is becoming more recognized by the state and local municipalities due to positive exposure and public education. The state coastal zone management program recognizes surfing and surfing areas as a recreational, economic, and/or cultural resource.

The Northern New England and New Hampshire Surfrider Chapters have received public exposure during beach cleanups that brought television stations and local papers to report on the events.

Local Surfrider Foundation Chapters

Surfrider Foundation now has a New Hampshire Chapter!

Information Sources
The summary of surfing areas comes from Surfer Magazine's The Surf Report issues for the state. The Surfrider Foundation Northern New England chapter was also surveyed to establish surfing conditions in the state.

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