Tuesday, July 01, 2008

NH Photo Tour at the Works Bakery Cafe

Bagel Works Show, originally uploaded by Tim Somero.

Julia, Peter, and I hung 17 photos (1 more to come) at Bagel Works today for a showing through the entire month of July.

The Flickr-based New Hampshire group is proud to feature the photography of 18 of its members from the greater New Hampshire area at BagelWorks in Concord, NH for the month of July.

The self-selected photos portray the creativity of the group as they capture a wide range of images from still life to the natural beauty of New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire group on Flickr has over 800 members and over 18000 photos in its group pool. The group is active in photography meetups where two or more photographers get together to make photos at various locations in the state.

The group is open to everyone with an interest or a connection to New Hampshire and welcomes all levels of talent, skill, and experience. Professional photographers co-mingle with photographers who just started with the exciting hobby.

The group message board features New Hampshire-based photography projects including NH Historical Markers, NH Town Landmarks, NH Waterfalls, and more.

Discussion threads also provide educational discussions with a Tech Talk series that include composition, exposure, equipment, and other photography-related technologies.

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