Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tractors, Gardens, and NH Agriculture

It's a "Man" thing..., originally uploaded by blowing in the wind.

"Born" in 1947 and still going strong!

Some say that New England has the most intense, springtime growing season in all the world - even eclipsing the growth in rain forests.

Anecdotally, I often hear comments from people who move to New Hampshire to the effect of, 'It's amazing to see how quickly the lawn is greening up.' It is amazing.

So many of us emerge from our houses during the first warm days of sping into the great outdoors to assess our equipment (my uncle runs a cultivator tractor of a similar vintage as the one seen above) and make preparations for the growing season.

Look forward to an upcoming NH Group project for NH Agriculture which will capture images of farming and gardening around our state.

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