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Winter for a day

Winter for a day, originally uploaded by Ed Karjala.

So, it actually acted like December for one day here in NH. Now we are back to this odd pattern of warmth that leaves you feeling a bit unsettled.

What strange weather we continue to have.

WCAX TV in Vermont,

"Just two days ago, the temperature hit 69 degrees in Concord, marking the city's hottest January day in 130 years."

From the Associate Press,

"Saturday was the warmest Jan. 6 in New Hampshire in 61 years.

High temperature records were shattered atop Mount Washington and also in Concord, where people in t-shirts and shorts ate ice cream on Main Street.

In Concord, the high hit 69 degrees, shattering the previous record of 57, set in 1946.

At the Weather Observatory atop Mount Washington, observer Jim Salge said the high was 43 degrees, breaking a record of 37 degrees, also set in 1946. Salge said normally, it would be 10 degrees on the summit on Saturday."

From the Eagle Tribune,

"No ice.

Not so nice, say winter anglers pining for their musty shanties and the familiar drum of five-gallon buckets flipped over for seats around the region's ponds and lakes.

In this odd season of record-breaking temperatures that have bears delaying their winter naps, a Derry fishing derby director is holding his breath. Not that he'd be able to see it if he let it out.

Unless the temperature drops soon, Ed Riemitis may have to cancel the Beaver Lake Improvement Association fishing derby Feb. 10, part of Derry's annual Frost Festival."

Even the animals don't know what to make of it as written about in the Seacoast Times by Susan Morse.

Warmth befuddles wildlife

And lastly from,

Winter Season Off To Record Warm Start
Author: University of New Hampshire
Published on Jan 5, 2007, 07:17

If this winter seems warmer to you than normal, you are not mistaken. December 2006 was the warmest December on record in Concord, N.H., and concludes a year that was one of the warmest ever in the Granite State, according David Brown, New Hampshire State Climatologist and assistant professor of geography at the University of Hampshire.

"In the last three decades, we've seen a steady upward trend in temperature, particularly in the winter season," Brown said. "Globally, we've seen an upward temperature trend during the same period. It's likely that what we're seeing in New England is, at least in part, the regional signature of global climate change."

The average December temperature of 33.9° F was the warmest ever recorded in Concord by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has been keeping official records since 1921.


December 2006 33.9° F
December 1923 33.2° F
December 1957 32.9° F
December 1982 32.3° F
December 1953 32.3° F

Average Concord December temperature, 1921-2005: 25.8° F

December 2006 concludes a year that was also one of the warmest ever in New Hampshire. Concord recorded an average daily temperature of 48.4° F, making it the second-warmest year since 1921. Only 1998, with an average daily temperature of 48.7° F, was warmer.

"The warmth of 2006 is consistent with an overall upward temperature trend in Concord since approximately 1970, a trend that is mirrored throughout much of New England," Brown said.

Brown is recognized as the New Hampshire State Climatologist by the American Association of State Climatologists and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "

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