Friday, April 22, 2011

Dover Mill Reflecting Sunset

Dover Mill Reflecting Sunset, originally uploaded by erich352011.

A History of Dover's Mills

We've come so far.

It is fitting that we recount here portions of an editorial entitled "The City is United to Keep the Mills" written on November 13, 1941 in Foster’s Daily Democrat:

When the city councils vote unanimously…the plan to keep the Pacific Mills Property by city purchase, it is time someone stood up and cheered. Dover has been a great old city in days gone by. It has traditions which few municipalities can claim. And these are mightier than folks realize.

The history of Dover is one of sacrifice and struggle, but of victory.The great fires which have struck the city have not dampened the enthusiasm of the citizens. Always from the ruins better buildings came into being.

And now that the Pacific Mills are a memory except for the buildings, the citizens do not propose to let any wrecking company walk away with the grand prize. The city of Dover stands ready to bid and get the property for future industrial developments right here.

It may be that this will mean more to us than anything else which has taken place in recent years. It may well be the start of a larger life for the city. When public spirited citizens stand together for a common and noble purpose they are always invincible.

How prophetic and how true! We cannot imagine traveling down Central Avenue and not seeing those colossal brick structures on our left side. The mills created Dover and they should stand forever as its symbol of history, purpose and expectation.

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