Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Merrimack River Hudson NH

Given that July was a wash out and August wasn't much better ... I have one question -- Where has the summer gone to? The weather today was gorgeous, but I have one child back in school already (who ever said it was okay to start school BEFORE Labour Day??)

Ahh... Can we please have a do-over?

I read an article in the Nashua Telegraph today that really struck a chord with me. Read it for yourself:

Bad weather makes us cranky
By Mike Morin

Don't look now, but summer continues to cling to life support. Last week finally brought enough sunshine to satisfy my jonesing for sun-washed vitamin D. The lack of nice summer weather is making Granite Staters cranky.

Last Thursday was a gloriously sunny day. Everybody should have been in a great mood. They weren't.

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