Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Tree 3

Winter Tree 3, originally uploaded by Larry the Novice.

Favorite selections from the The Winter That Wouldn't Die collection.
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This was a strangely creepy scene this night to be surrounded alone by snow laden trees in the middle of the night. Silent, beautiful, yet dangerous. If you stopped to listen, you could hear cracking sounds in the woods of large tree branches snapping under the weight of the fresh snow.

Concord, NH is approaching the current record season snowfall of 102". As a skier, this has been the best ski season with all the snowfall we have had. You almost don't mind shoveling the drive when you know you can go out and have so much fun on the slopes.

There is another storm rolling in tonight possibly adding up to another foot of snow which will definitely break the existing record. I say, BRING IT ON!

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Anonymous said...

The lights turn the surrounding space into a painting of copper!!!