Monday, January 07, 2008

An open letter to New Hampshire

An open letter to New Hampshire, originally uploaded by fabsternation.

An open letter to New Hampshire:

Such is your power
Use this privilege wisely

Your vote affects more than just your state
it impacts us all
around the world

Obama or Clinton
it matters not
but not another Republican
with eyes on more wars please

the power of now
that is yours
to make the world a better place

Thank you New Hampshire.

And Thank You Fabian!

See, New Hampshire, the whole world is watching us. Let's do the right thing, for us and for the world.

Get out and vote tomorrow!! It is time not really for a change, but for a chance; the chance to set things right, to make our country respectable again. To show the world we know how to heal our wounds and move on in the right direction. The tyranny of Bush and Chenney is all but behind us.

This message totally endorsed by me and may not reflect all of the New Hampshire group, but at this time, I cannot contain my beliefs and feelings. This the the state of Live Free or Die, and I reserve the right to speak as I wish.

Tomorrow is a new day! Tomorrow begins NOW!


Fabien said...

Thank you Tracy for the link on your blog :)

HighDef (KOARC) said...

I totally agree, Tracy. Pls, not another Republican administration in '09.

Greg said...

Hillary cannot be trusted, and Obama is too inexperienced. I like the field on the Republican side.

Jason said...

I agree everyone should get out in vote... republican, democrat, independent, whatever... it's your chance to have your voice heard.

Of course, I hope the same people that vote in the national election show up at the polls this spring for town elections, which have a far greater impact on your day-to-day living then this primary will.

Anonymous said...

Hey... I'm up visiting New Hampshire from Connecticut, going door to door campaigning for the candidate that I support, John Edwards.

He is the candidate that I think can fight hardest and most effectively for the change we need.

That said, whether you support Obama, Edwards or Clinton, please get out and vote.

P.S. Stop by at Orient Lodge for some of my reports about canvasing here in New Hampshire

Fabien said...

Yes yes yes... the woman triumphs!