Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reflections of New Hampshire

Autumn in Crawford Notch

Autumn in Crawford Notch, originally uploaded by Jim Salge.

Early Morning at Willey Pond

3.0 CSi

3.0 CSi (blued), originally uploaded by erik.swenson.

the other of the two 3.0 CSi at the Bavarian Autosport show sunday. this is a crop

While diving and swimming around in the NH Pool, I noticed these two images and how they seem to go so well together, compositionally. While thinking about it though I realized that they also reflect life in New Hampshire symbolically as well. Not only is NH rich in natural wonders, we are also rich in technology and have a deep regard for beauty wherever we find it, be it the colours of fall or the fine craftsmanship of a classic automobile. Both are highly regarded. Just another of the dichotomies that make up our great Granite State.

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erik.swenson said...

so well put, Tracy Lee!