Thursday, June 21, 2007

Washington, NH

Washington, NH, originally uploaded by juliaf.

Washington Common
Congregational Church (1840), School (1884), Town House (1787)

Washington, NH was incorporated on December 13, 1776 (first Town incorporated in the name of Pres. George Washington), another first int he nation!

Washington also boasts:

  • Highest Town Center in New Hampshire (elev 1507 ft)

  • Town Hall, built in 1787 is one of the oldest in daily service

  • Town covers 50 square miles, and contains 26 lakes and ponds
Found on Information on Washington, NH:
Two young men in Pepsi uniforms join the four of five of us at the [general store lunch] counter. I learn later that they are in the store to work on the Coke machine. One of them says, "Is there, like, a city of Washington?" This brings hoots from us barflies at the counter. He tries to recover, "I mean, like a center, with stores and stuff." We still think this is very funny. Maybe it's his earnestness; maybe it's us.

"You're in it, buddy," says Bill. "This is it." He jabs his finger toward the floor for emphasis. Behind his hand he tells us that they are from Massachusetts. I think they hear that, and are meant to, but don't mind at all. Clearly they are having a hard time believing that they are in the center of Washington, New Hampshire.

From Last House on the Road, by Ronald Jager (Chapter 20)

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